A 'working' future for adults with Autism in Sheffield

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Our Aims

We aim to reduce the number of people with ASD’s who are unemployed. The levels of support and experience that we offer specifically for individuals with ASD’s make the Centre to our knowledge unique within the UK. The Charity employs a Centre Manager, an Employment Support Co-ordinator and 3 part-time Specialist Job Coaches. Our job is to support and mentor clients who are on the Autistic spectrum or have a Learning Disability into work placements and paid employment. We liaise with the individual, families/carers and employers to ensure success for all parties. We are proactive in raising awareness among employers of this complex and often misunderstood disability.

We support the individual on a placement as well as their employer so that all parties involved can be successful. Any challenges can be tackled quickly using our extensive knowledge and experience within the field of autism.

With qualifications gained at school and college in addition to work placements and references from employers, any person with an ASD can approach the world of adult work with more confidence and a wider breadth of knowledge and experience.

Given access to skilled and experienced support we aim to find paid employment for people with ASDs and LD. We can be responsive, flexible and support clients with ASDs into an ever-increasing variety of paid work and work placements. We currently support people with ASDs and LD in the retail sector, cleaning, catering, administration, landscaping, warehouse work, maintenance, libraries and hotels etc.