A 'working' future for adults with Autism in Sheffield

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Who are the beneficiaries of our service?

  • People with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Learning Disabilities
  • Their parents (who receive much needed support, respite and hope for the future)
  • Other organisations, including Social Services, Sheffield College, Jobcentre Plus and other agencies.
  • Employers and employees, who receive training about autism, and then, learn about our clients with autism first hand

What does the Centre offer?

  • Skilled and experienced guidance for individuals with an ASD to find Placements (unpaid) and Paid Employment within Meadowhall Centre, Sheffield City Centre and beyond.
  • Placements are essentially work preparation and in most cases they run for half a day a week for initially three months, this is then reviewed to assess client’s progress and satisfaction of everyone involved in the placement.
  • The placement can then be extended to one full day a week or two half days a week (if funding is available).
  • We aim to find an ideal job match for each individual client, taking into account their qualifications, personal choices and how their ASD affects them.
  • Extensive on-going support for the employer. This includes the provision of risk assessments and profiles of the client they are employing. Re-education sessions are also offered for employers and members of staff.
  • The client with have full support, which is gradually phased out. This does not happen until the employer, the client and we believe that the client is ready to become independent.
  • Supporting and preparing the client, from job searching to interview.
  • Although we believe that a work trial rather than an interview can be appropriate for individuals with an ASD we recognise that in the ‘real’ world this cannot always occur. The client is supported in job searching, filling in application forms, writing CV’s/cover letters and preparation for interview using role play and developing interview techniques. The client will be supported by one of the team at interview if this is deemed appropriate.
  • A process of reviewing and monitoring of our client is a constant feature to assess the appropriateness of the placement, the satisfaction of the employer and overall progression.
  • We continue to monitor and see each individual client in paid employment at least once a month, but we can step in at any time should the client be having difficulties or if the employer has concerns. By doing this we can quickly address concerns or problem and support the client and employer to resolve the situation.
  • We also support and mentor adults with ASD who are already in paid employment but who may be having difficulty within their place of work.
  • Informal counselling for our clients.
  • Advice and guidance for appropriate support in other areas of life aside from employment. Signposting to other relevant organisation/services.
  • Presentations and workshops for employers, professionals and associates with regards to Autism and employment.