A 'working' future for adults with Autism in Sheffield

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Work Experience

We will initially meet you to have an informal chat and for you to find out a little more about us and for us to find out about you.

We would advise you to start with a work experience placement:

  • If you have little or no work experience at all.
  • If you need support with appropriate work behaviour and need to learn more about being within a work environment in order to build your confidence.
  • You are unsure of what area of employment you want to go into.
  • You need to gain employment evidence for your college course.
  • Work experience will also allow us to find out what your strengths are and if you have any areas of difficulty.
  • Once we think you are ready for paid employment we will start Job searching with you.

About Work Experience Placements:

  • We can find you a good job match in an area that interests you e.g. you may want to work in an office or a kitchen.
  • Our placements are initially half a day a week for 3-months eventually leading to a full day.
  • We will give you full support on your placement by one of our Specialist Job Coaches; our aim is for you to be independent with your employer. You will only have independence when your employer, you and your Job Coach feel you are confident in what you are doing and only then support will be slowly phased out.
  • Should your job role change or your employer feels you need a little support, we will put full support back in to help you.
  • You will have aims you have to achieve e.g. working as part of a team and these will be reviewed at your 3-month review.
  • At your 3-month review it will be discussed whether your placement continue. If it is going well and you are independent or virtually independent and everyone involved including yourself think it should continue, then it would probably be upped to a day a week.