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The Characteristics of Autism/Aspergers

Three main areas of difficulty (Triad of Impairments):

Communication: This can be verbal or non verbal for example, not being able to digest too much verbal information at once and non-verbal communication such as being unable to recognize facial expressions, body language, gestures or voice tone.

Socialisation: Difficulty in forming social relationships, lack of social timing and empathy for others. They may not understand jokes or sarcasm. Some have a dislike for normal body contact and lack of eye contact. It is difficult for some people with Autism to express their own emotions or feelings. Some may behave inappropriately or strangely.

Imagination: Not being able to imagine a situation or place. Some people with ASD dislike change, especially sudden change. Some have a rigid and inflexible thought process and in some cases obsessional or repetitive behaviour especially if they are feeling happy, excited, anxious or stressed.