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Latest Covid 19 Update - July 2021
Published: 8 months ago

Hi everyone,


We have been phasing some of our clients back into placements over the past couple of months, which means we are now part working from our office and part from home.  We will be offering face to face support for placements only initially as we get back up and running, and will keep other support remote for the immediate future. This is to limit seeing too many people in any week, and helps us keep everyone safe.  


Where we have alternative means of contact (eg phonecalls, video meetings) we will be keeping this in place for a while longer.


You can still contact us via phone or email, and we will maintain regular contact with our existing clients during this difficult time.


We are unfortunately dealing with a large backlog of referrals as you will appreciate, but please bear with us!


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Glynis & Jayne